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I don't know whether the AeroGarden really qualifies as a kitchen appliance - buts it's definitely cool!  The AeroGarden is a computerized indoor garden designed for small kitchen herb and vegetable gardens, among other things.

The idea is that with the AeroGarden you'll always have a fresh supply of herbs at your finger tips.  Think of the time I'll save not having to walk outside to pick herbs from the plants I have growing in pots.

All sarcasm aside, I can see it would be useful in some domestic situations.  People without the space for a garden might find this useful.  Also, it has it's own built-in lighting so that you could theoretically put it anywhere in your home regardless of the light levels.

The unit has a built-in microprocessor which controls things like watering, nutrients and also switches the lights on and off.  All of this is meant to ensure healthier and faster growing plants.

For the more horticulturally-minded among you, the AeroGarden doesn't use soil, but rather works by suspending the plants in air within a growing chamber with high humidity.  The claim on the website is that it "Grows more than 2 times faster than dirt".

While the unit itself is pricey enough, what I don't like is that (from what I understand) you need to buy special pre-sown seed kits at about $20 a throw to put into the AeroGarden.  That seems to be a fairly high running cost - but maybe I'm just cheap!

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