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Are you interested in making yogurt at home?  If you are, then this is an interesting variation on your stock standard yogurt maker.  And at around $40, it wont break the bank.

The way it works is that you just put a one quart carton of pasteurized milk straight into the machine (carton and all), add a starter culture, turn on the power and in 10 to 12 hours it's ready.  You can use whole milk, soy milk, low, no fat and other types of milk.  The starter culture is just a small amount of some plain commercial yogurt.  The starter introduces the required bacteria to the mix and kicks off the fermentation process.
The idea behind this appliance is that you don't need to sterilize anything because you're just putting the whole carton in the machine.  And there's no need to pre-heat the milk (as long as it's pasteurized).

The sales blurb on the Miracle Exclusives website promotes the idea of homemade yogurt as being a natural and preservative free alternative.  I guess you get the benefits of going homemade with any yogurt maker, but I really like the idea of making right inside the milk carton.