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Okay, this kitchen gadget is probably not for the average kitchen, but it's cool none the less.  The ChefStack automatic pancake maker rolls out fresh, hot pancakes at the rate of 200 per hour - just enough for you and 49 of your closest friends.

As an aside I like the way the pancakes are all stacked neatly beside the pancake machine.  I can't help but wonder whether some neatening of the stack took place just before the photo was taken.  I'm sure if I had that baby running in my kitchen, they'd be rolling around on the bench top and onto the floor.  It never seems to work out for me the way it does on television or in the glossy brochures.

ChefStack claim this is the "world's first commercial panless automatic pancake machine" and hold a patent on the technology.  The machine is about the size of a microwave oven and works by squirting the batter from pre-filled bags through a nozzle and onto a proprietary Teflon-coated cooking belt.  Using the pre-filled bags means you have to use the ChefStack pancake mixture, rather than your own special recipe, but they claim this system helps keep the batter fresh and the resulting pancakes of a consistent quality.

The volume of pancakes produced (not to mention the price - $3,500) means this automatic pancake maker is obviously aimed at commercial kitchens, rather than a domestic setting, but a man can dream can't he?